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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Modern Design from Niwaka

This is gorgeous. So simple and so elegant... I love the unique design and shape. Definitely a different take on engagement rings. This was my favorite. See them all at Niwaka.


ezerb said...

Does anyone know how or where I can find the Grace ring from Niwaka? They use to have a store in NYC but have since closed. And their website has not been working.

ali said...

not sure how long it's been since you left this comment ezerb, but i would suggest sending a photo of the grace ring to the designers over at whiteflash.com. my hubby had them recreate the grace ring in 2005 because niwaka did not carry rings for 1 carat diamonds. they were able to design one for me in platinum and it looks outstanding! even better than the original actually. hope this helps!