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Friday, October 12, 2007

Love is in the Air @ Sam's Club

Okay. Here is my take on engagement rings. I believe that we women need to be reasonable. If your guy is not a high roller but loves the ground that you walk on, then I feel that if he puts forth the effort to go out looking, you should accept what he gives you. He is giving you that ring from his heart and it should not matter how much it cost. If your man is a high roller, disregard every word that I just said :-)

Enter Sam's Club and Sam's Club has created a website called Modern Love to showcase their selection of engagement rings. I love, love, love the site and most of the prices are reasonable. You can give your guy the URL on the sly. It's Here are some of the beautiful rings and ring sets in their collection:


Jason said...

Nice site. They seem to have some large stones. Be careful though because I couldn't find where they mention anything about the clarity of the stones they sell.

bridalwishlist said...

i went back to check it out and you are right. they do not talk about clarity but they do have a 4 c's section that will help guys know what ask. i would be sure to call their customer service line and ask. thanks so much for visiting!

Anonymous said...

I've been to several stores and the diamonds have decent color and clarity but be sure to have any ring from Sam's club insured-renter's insurance- whatever. I've bought non-bridal rings there before and the rhinestones fell out within 4 weeks. I had to return the ring with my receipt and re-purchase it because the store itself is not a jeweler. They don't size rings either. They have a nice .30-.40 round solitare in white gold for under $500 bucks.