DIY Bouquets: The Grower's BoxDIY Bouquets: The Grower's Box

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

DIY Bouquets: The Grower's Box

Many moons ago when I got married, I used The Grower's Box for our bouquets and centerpieces. I ordered red and yellow roses and carnations. The flowers came when promised and were packed really well. Not to mention that the flowers were absolutely gorgeous. So if you need to save a few pennies and are not having a super formal wedding, I would give The Grower's Box a try. They have "wedding-in-a-box" sets for a pretty good price. Check it out at The Grower's Box.


Anonymous said...

I just found their website and have been looking for reviews. I'm skeptical of anything online that I can't go and physically make sure is not a scam! :o) Thanks for posting this, because from what I'm seeing they seem like a reputable company.