It's More Than Cake: Edith Meyer CakesIt's More Than Cake: Edith Meyer Cakes

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Monday, July 28, 2008

It's More Than Cake: Edith Meyer Cakes

San Fran cake designer, Edith Meyer has created something more than cake. She has created delights too beautiful to eat. I love her stylish designs. Who doesn't love a sand castle cake?!? The first cake is made from a gorgeous paper design that I used for my wedding invitations. I wish that I knew about her then :-(

You can see more and find out about her world of cakes on her blog here.


edithm said...

Thanks so much! Wanted to let you know (after many many web problems) the new blog link is I don't know how to fix this for people's links! Argh. So refresh your browser and check out the pumpkin cake from earlier this week! :)

the bridal wishlist said...

thanks, edith! i have updated the post to include the new blog url.

Wedding said...

Is the one that looks like a sand castle a cake? Looks real LOL