The Beauty of DIY: White Aisle InvitationsThe Beauty of DIY: White Aisle Invitations

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Beauty of DIY: White Aisle Invitations

I know that I have blogged about this countless times but if you are going to DIY the stationery aspects of your wedding, do it with high quality DIY products. So I so pleased to announce that White Aisle (one of my favs) will be offering DIY invites. White Aisle will print the imagery on the invite and you will be able to run the cards through your home printers and proof/print your text. Rebecca states that the pricing will be about 1/2 of what our normal flat print invites run (hopefully $2 for an invite, reply card, invitation backing and 2 envelopes.) White Aisle will be offering 6 brand new designs in 4 different pantone colors as well as over a dozen colors for invitation backings and envelopes so that people can really mix and match. The set above is my favorite. Get more information the White Aisle blog.


Abigail said...

Where did you get this information?? I just stumbled upon their website and love the seems like I can get a lot more for my money. Which style do you recommend? I am trying to save some money and letterpress might not be in my budget.

the bridal wishlist said...

hi abigail, i got the information directly from rebecca of white aisle invitations. actually, $2.00 per set is a really good deal and the designs are absolutely beautiful. it also helps you take control of when your invites actually get printed and mailed. I love all of the designs but the one seen here is probably my favorite.