R.I.P. Fashion Genius, Alexander McQueenR.I.P. Fashion Genius, Alexander McQueen

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P. Fashion Genius, Alexander McQueen

What other designer could take plaid (tartan) and make it look this amazing? None. None, other than the fashion genius, Alexander McQueen. When I started going through my emails this morning, I thought that I had misread the breaking news headline from WWD. So I clicked on it and it was still saying the same thing - "Alexander McQueen commits suicide." I was blown. So I started googling his name and there is was again and again - "McQueen found dead in his London home." My heart was very sad. He was an amazing designer. If you are not familiar with his designs, check out his collection on Style.com

No posts today in honor of the one and only, Alexander McQueen. R.I.P.