Dressing The Man: indiTailoredDressing The Man: indiTailored

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dressing The Man: indiTailored

As a woman that loves a well-dressed man, there is nothing better than watching your man button up his tailored shirt. There is just something special about a man having his shirt tailored to fit him perfectly. Enter indiTailored. Their only purpose is to give your man that perfect shirt. He can create his custom fit dress shirt using their build-a-shirt application. Some custom options available include:

  • Creating individual contrast collar/cuff designs (so they don’t look too much alike)

  • Monogramming initials on the pocket or cuff (in case they have a few cocktails at the reception and shirts come off)

  • Choosing the right placket or pocket to flatter each body type (to ensure flattering bridal party photos)

You can get more information or view their Design Vault to see shirts created by other customers.