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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

SURVEY RESULTS: Where Brides Are Cutting Back @ conducted a survey recently to discover what cutbacks are brides making during these recessionary time. It seems that wedding Planning cutbacks start with honeymoon, flowers, and the reeception'

Here are their findings:The lagging economy has caused almost two-thirds of brides to cut back on their wedding budgets – with honeymoons, flowers/décor and reception catering taking the biggest hit. All this according to a recent survey of brides conducted by My Wedding Workbook - - an online wedding planner for brides.

62.2% of the brides surveyed responded that the recent recession has influenced their wedding planning decisions, with 58.7% stating that they have cut back on their honeymoon budget, 58.2% on their flowers and décor and 54.7% on their reception food and drink.

“Brides are certainly trying to squeeze more value out of every part of their wedding budget,” said Jeff Kear, co-owner of My Wedding Workbook and My Wedding Workbook Pro - - which offer online wedding planning software tools for brides and wedding consultants, respectively. “And although they are definitely cutting back extensively in those top three areas, our findings show significant cutbacks across the board.”

Brides are also significantly shaving their expenses in many other areas, with 51.2% reporting cutbacks in wedding transportation, 47.3% in photography/videography, 45.8% in the reception venue, 45.3% in number of guests and 39.3% in wedding attire (including wedding gowns).

Of the brides surveyed, almost half (41.3%) stated that their wedding budget was by far the biggest challenge they faced in wedding planning, followed by choosing a venue (13%), family issues (10.9%) and finding the time to plan a wedding (10.9%).

“Even though they are cutting back, brides are getting creative in how they save,” said Kear. “Some of our respondents are moving their wedding to a Friday night or a Sunday so they don’t pay the Saturday premium that many venues charge. Others are planning their ceremony and reception in the same venue. And almost three quarters of the brides we talked to are handmaking at least some of their wedding items to save on costs.”

Some brides are even putting off their big day, with 29.4% saying that they have moved their wedding date further out because of the economy. “That shows how smart and prudent brides are being. If they can’t have the wedding they want sooner, then they will take longer to save up and be more patient.”

But even though brides are paring back in almost all areas, the survey shows that photography/videography and the reception location and catering still remain the biggest priorities for brides.

“Brides want to make a great, lasting impression with their wedding, and they want to hold on to the memories,” said Kear. “Even though the economy may be unpredictable, some things never change.”

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DiFiori said...

amazing, I cannot believe no one has commented on the great work you did with the compilation of information.


Wedding Budget said...

Well I'll make a comment lol. This a great post about how bride's are making cutbacks. However, I'm not sure they couldn't afforded the wedding they really wanted before the recession either lol