BRIDAL TIP: The Perfect Wedding Day Face - Kimara AhnertBRIDAL TIP: The Perfect Wedding Day Face - Kimara Ahnert

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BRIDAL TIP: The Perfect Wedding Day Face - Kimara Ahnert

Kimara Ahnert’s New York City Studio, at 1113 Madison Avenue at 83rd street (212-452-4252), recreates the comfort and convenience of home to provide a platform to concentrate on bridal looks and achieving them. From luxurious dressing rooms where plush Swiss robes and slippers take the place of everyday wear, to state-of-the-art facial facilities, to intimate cosmetic counters where experts transform brides to be, individualized personal attention is everywhere.

Ahnert has a custom designed line of professional makeup, brushes and skin care allow brides to take Kimara’s vision home with them and adapt to their lifestyle. There are a variety of shades, textures and formulations that take into account the varying needs, lifestyles and tastes of brides from near and far. All cosmetics and skin care products are consistent with prevailing environmental standards and are hypoallergenic and sensitivity tested.

The makeup artist knows a thing or two about skincare and creating the perfect polished look. She has worked with models, celebrities, socialites and busy executives. At her studio, she offers makeup applications, makeup lessons, eyebrow shaping, lash applications, facials, body waxing, electrolysis, body hair bleaching and tinting, massages, body treatments, self tan application, and post operative makeup.

So what tips does the fabulous Kimara have for brides in order to have the perfect wedding day face?

  1. Foundation to even out the skin tone and texture

  2. Blush to bring color and a natural flush to the face

  3. Mascara to open up the eye and waterproof so you won’t have any mascara stained tears

  4. Lipstick to bring color and more staying power to the lips. Lipstick is also slightly more sophisticated than just a lipgloss

  5. Concealer to disguise and blemishes or undereye dark circles.


Bridal Shower said...

Do they only have a location in New York?

Janice, Editor-in-Chief said...

Yes. They are only located in NYC