The Beauty of the Lantern: West ElmThe Beauty of the Lantern: West Elm

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Beauty of the Lantern: West Elm

This is so beautiful. It would make a gorgeous centerpiece on your reception tables. Get it at West Elm.


Lyndsy said...

I love these and just saw them this weekend. So pretty and such a great detail...too late for my wedding but a great addition for someone else.

Christine said...

It would look so gorgeous - but as a wedding photographer, I wanted to point out that you should make sure your photographer has the skillset to deal with the polka dot light effect they will create, and don't set them on mirrors as you could end up with dots of light all over the place.

They really are gorgeous though! I might just have to get some for my office!

the bridal wishlist said...

Thanks so much for giving us that tip! I did not realize that it would have that effect.