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Friday, February 29, 2008

My Lack of Impulse Control with

I am really exhausted today. Too tired to post my usual finds. So I decided to confess my lack of impulse control with My first mistake was signing up for their email. My second mistake was purchasing shoes because without a doubt someone at Smart Bargains has figured me out. It is so sad for me because they always send me just the right email to kick my shoe obsession into overdrive. Hence, I just purchased the most amazing Charles David gray snakeskin pumps. Why? Because I needed them. I did not. But I run home everyday with the hope that the FedEx person has paid me a visit. I have issues. LOL! So this morning, they could not wait to send me a new email (mind you, I just bought those gray shoes on Tuesday) about their new shoe arrivals and look what I found. These are by Isaac Mizrahi, whom I love to death!!! Somebody please stop me.