Dressing your Lobes: Veronica WillinghamDressing your Lobes: Veronica Willingham

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Dressing your Lobes: Veronica Willingham

I am an earring fanatic. I talk constantly about the right accessories help to make your wedding attire complete. Well give these a gander. Earrings by Veronica Willingham. I love the colors, especially the ones that mix soft and rich colors. Just beautiful. See more on her web site.


Veronica Willingham Jewelry said...


I am Veronica Willingham of Veronica Willingham Jewelry...Thanks so much for including me in your blog and my beautiful earrings.

I truly appreicate your apprectiation of my work.


bridalwishlist said...

Thanks for posting. I absolutely love your earrings and I hope my readers will too.

JBiggs said...

They're so beautiful :)