NATIONAL STATIONERY SHOW: @NicStudio Launches New CollectionNATIONAL STATIONERY SHOW: @NicStudio Launches New Collection

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

NATIONAL STATIONERY SHOW: @NicStudio Launches New Collection

Nic shown her with her beautiful mother

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is Nicole Block. Nic is the brilliant designer behind The Nic Studio in New York. I have to say that as far as good people go, Nic is the tops. We have been friends for years but hadn't met face to face until 2010. So funny.

But even more that a great person, Nic is a fabulous designer and illustrator. She has been working night and day on her new stationery line which she debuted at the stationery show. Her new line is fabulous. Even more so because every illustration on each invitation was drawn by Nic. Here are some not so great photos (I have got to get a new camera!!!). But you can see all of her current wares on her web site, The Nic Studio. This collection will launch on her web site some time this month.