WEDDING DRESSES: Tara LaTour Spring 2012WEDDING DRESSES: Tara LaTour Spring 2012

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WEDDING DRESSES: Tara LaTour Spring 2012

Bridal lovelies, you know that I love to bring to you the most unique wedding apparel, bridal accessories and must-haves. This is it. Something amazingly unique, modern, gorgeous and elegant. Enter Tara LaTour. I met this fabulous designer at NY Bridal Market in April. OMG! She was so much fun.

The big fun really began when I got closer to her incredible collection of wedding dresses. Like so few people, every dress is handmade. You read that right, HANDMADE. She puts her blood, sweat, love and tears into every single dress. It shows. I was so blown away by this collection, that I could not pick a favorite dress. I would wear all of her dresses. But you have to say that a blue wedding dress is just the cat's meow!

Her designs are definitely different from anything else out there. She dyes all of the fabric by hand. So your dress can be whatever color. Tara will work with you to make it right. You also gotta love the touch of blue in the Angela dress. Not to mention that there is a story behind every dress in her collection. All of her dresses were inspired by members of her family. She told us the most amazing story about how her grandmother met her grandfather. I was totally teary-eyed.

She also does custom work. So let Tara design something special for you. This Midwest gal has an amazing eye for modern style and bridal fashion. Visit the Tara LaTour web site to see more images of these fabulous dresses and to contact her.

The Kelsey

The Blanche

The Arlene

The Angela

The Amanda with the Judith Bolero