NY BRIDAL MARKET: Sashes at Elle & Jae BridalNY BRIDAL MARKET: Sashes at Elle & Jae Bridal

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

NY BRIDAL MARKET: Sashes at Elle & Jae Bridal

Even though I didn't get a chance to stop in on Elle & Jae Bridal, I did have their information in my Wedding Channel tote bag. So I wanted to know more. I am so sad that I missed the chance to see these gorgeous sashes in person. I love these! I always try to tell my readers that if you cannot afford that dress with all the bling, get a plain dress and dress it up with accessories. Here's the perfect accessory for a plain wedding gown. Wrap one of these fab sashes around your dress and you have a completely new dress. Go for it. See the Elle & Jae Bridal collection on their web site.


GBR1980 said...

Gorgeous sashes. I wouldn't say my dress is plain but I have been searching high and low for a plain silver ribbon/sash for my dress. I love the white ones you posted today!

Janice, Editor-in-Chief said...

We love hearing that!!! Go for it. Send us pics when you find the perfect sash!!!