BRIDAL MARKET: Priscilla of Boston Takes The Cake, Part IBRIDAL MARKET: Priscilla of Boston Takes The Cake, Part I

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BRIDAL MARKET: Priscilla of Boston Takes The Cake, Part I

I enjoyed all of the shows that I attended during Bridal Market. But without a doubt, the Priscilla of Boston show is one of my favorite shows. For this bridal house to design six wedding gown collections and one bridesmaids collection every season is incredible. What's even more incredible is that they are the true masters of their brand. Every single collection has its own signature statement. Not to mention that the show truly builds suspense as each wedding gown collections slowly descends upon the runway.

This year, the show was held in this amazing loft space. The journey up to the top floor was a pleasant surprise. We were standing in an area surrounded by brick walls thinking that the door in front of us was going to open up into the space. Not so. The guy behind us pulled the door down behind us and voila... it was an elevator. We all burst into laughter.

Once inside, there was a buzz of excitement. The Priscilla of Boston show is truly a coveted invitation in the bridal industry, especially for those of us covering shows. As the show began, it was quite clear that each designer wanted to ensure that you were able to get a good long look at each gown. This made me very happy. I had attended quite a few shows during Market where it felt like the models were running down the runway. At one show, the photographers were actually yelling out to the models to slow down. So this was fabulous to be able to really look at all of the beautiful details of each gown.

The other thing about Priscilla of Boston is that it is so hard to have a favorite collection. I have to say that I was a little sweet on Reverie by Melissa Sweet, the Jewel and the Platinum collections because of the wonderful surprise details like the gorgeous lace with detailed trim at the bottom or the fab detachable skirt and the exaggerated trains - touches that would make any bride swoon.

Tomorrow's post will include the Bridesmaids, Reverie by Melissa Sweet, Melissa Sweet and Platinum collections.





junior bridesmaid dresses said...

There is something about the light fluffy frill in the over sized skirt that I am loving this year. All of these feather looking wedding dresses are what I will be stocking my store with, also, I am loving the rose bustle in the first photo. If the rose line were a touch looser this would be my first pick.