The Perfect Aisle Runner: Petal Happy Aisle Runners & CarpetsThe Perfect Aisle Runner: Petal Happy Aisle Runners & Carpets

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Perfect Aisle Runner: Petal Happy Aisle Runners & Carpets

You know I love a wonderful story that inspired a bride to start her own business. This one is no exception. At her own wedding, Camille Hugh-Wallace, owner of Petal Happy (, had a vision of floating down the aisle on a bed of rose petals. It was almost thwarted by the time consumption of placing and cleaning the petals up, so she came up with a better solution. Together with her fiancé and family, she created a pre-petaled aisle runner that is easily transportable and simply unravels in one piece.

Petal Happy was born. Camille creates gorgeous and unusual aisle runners and gazebo carpets made completely out of high quality faux rose petals. The runners and carpets make a quick transition, won’t stain a bride’s priceless white dress and completely transform any event space.

After tremendous feedback, Petal Happy now creates custom petal aisle runners, gazebo petal carpets, petal carpet cutouts and patterned printed runners for a variety of special events. They are perfect for wedding ceremonies, fashion runways, anniversary parties, sweet sixteens and themed events. Petal Happy offers 12 colors and a variety of designs and patterns that create a polished, streamlined look.

See more images and order your aisle runner on her web site.


Luigi | Sales Sheets said...

That is brilliance. The couple is so smart. I really think that having that beautiful carpet will be more convenient for couples.