Beautiful Adornment: Prismera Launches PD CoutureBeautiful Adornment: Prismera Launches PD Couture

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Beautiful Adornment: Prismera Launches PD Couture

Beautiful adornment indeed! This jaw-dropping collection of necklaces employs fabrics such as variety of materials such as Japanese chiffon, pleated velvet, or heavy cotton twill, which designer Laura Su has manipulated to develop characteristics that are unique to each individual piece.

The designer named the collection "PD Couture" due to the handcrafted nature of each necklace. Each necklace is "carefully cut and layered, sewn, draped on a mannequin and secured. The result is a custom design that lays on the body as though it was created for the wearer." (Please note the Aubrey, Elodie, Jenesis and Tierra necklaces are limited edition.) Prices range from $45 - $330.

Perfect for your strapless bridal gown or a gown that doesn't have any embellishments. See the entire collection at Prismera Design.