It Is Easy Being Green: Greenworks FloristIt Is Easy Being Green: Greenworks Florist

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

It Is Easy Being Green: Greenworks Florist

A few days ago a local news broadcast compared bouquet prices for Mother's Day floral arrangement. One of the florists was a local shop called Greenworks Florist. Their bouquet won hands down with folks roaming the mall and for good reason. Their arrangements are simply beautiful. I went to their web site to check out their wedding section. It was pretty good, but I was really moved by their arrangements in their "gifts for others" section. The folks in this shop are extremely creative and know how to put the blooms together. If you are a DC/VA/MD bride, you may want to check them out for your floral needs. Here are some of my favorites:


cre8iv'notions by miriam said...

Love the arrangement with the tulips (favorite flower) and the last one with the roses/clear bottom! I will definitely have to keep them in mind. Thanks.