What's Good at Kristen Grace?What's Good at Kristen Grace?

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's Good at Kristen Grace?

My good friend Kelley, who is an amazing make-up artist and can be found at facemode, sent me a link to this site, Kristen Grace. Kristen Grace is a great find that sells some unique bridal accessories. I particularly like the New York landmark salt and pepper shakes. See more at Kristen Grace.

This amazing necklace

These fabulous earrings

These lovely salt and pepper shakers

This beautiful guest book

These gorgeous tiaras

These lovely purses and tiara bag


Kelley said...

;-) your the best Janice... thx

I have my eye on that first clutch...

as well as I think I have falling in love with Top Shop..

*getting out credit card now* lol