BRIDAL JEWELRY: Art Deco Meets ModernBRIDAL JEWELRY: Art Deco Meets Modern

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

BRIDAL JEWELRY: Art Deco Meets Modern

This is a fabulous art deco style necklace by Roberta Chiarella. It is very elegant and would be perfect with your strapless dress. For a limited time, get 20% off with promo code SW82011.


roberta chiarella said...

i love this necklace as the design was first done in the 1940's a real art deco deisgn perfect with a classic dress..............pure perfection.

Tina @ wedding favors said...

Great Necklace! I love to have this. But I guess I can't afford this.

Ira @ Chicago remodeling said...

every women would want to have this necklace.

Solar Panels said...

I am astonished to see the necklace.I think i can buy it one day.

Jam | Claxton Engineering said...

It's fabulous! I'd love to wear it if I have the chance. :)