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Monday, July 12, 2010

Elegant Bling: Kirsten Kuehn Designs

There are times when I get an email from a designer and when I look at their designs, I am blown away. This is one of those times. I absolutely adore Kirsten Kuehn and her gorgeous designs. I call it Elegant Bling because the designs have that bling factor but are so elegant and classic. She has a wide array of wedding accessories including garters, sashes, headpieces, bracelets, barrettes/combs, and bouquet wraps. Here are few of my favorites but it will be so hard to pick something because you will love everything!





Plantress said...

very, very nice! You know, even though this is very ornate stuff it could be worn to more than a wedding! There is a whole rhinestone rock aspect to the bracelets. The garters are truly feminine and special.

kirsten said...

thank you so much for featuring me :o) I really appreciate it!!

Zinia said...

A bridal accessories always express the feelings of a Bride, here the designer seems to be just the mind reader of a Bride.It is just expressing the aspirations of a new bride, what can i say more just short and sweet "its just awesome".