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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

WEDDING BOOK GIVEAWAY: Survival Handbook: Weddings

Bridal Lovelies, It's a Giveaway. The Bridal Wishlist and Worst Case Scenarios are teaming up to giveaway one of their fab books in celebration of their new blog, Worst Case Scenario: The Worst Is Yet To Come.

WHAT YOU WILL WIN: The Worst Case Scenario: Weddings Edition.

HOW TO ENTER: Simply comment on this post with your worst case possible scenario that could happen at your wedding (of course the karma Gods say that it won't), but it will be fun to see what you come up with. Comments will be accepted until 10 pm on this Friday, September 4th.

THE WINNER: The winner will be announced on The Bridal Wishlist on Monday, September 7th.

So ladies, post away and be sure to check out their fab new blog.


Nikki said...

RAIN...rain would actually be the worst case for me (thats what I say now until the WORST really does happen)

Elizabeth said...

Worst case scenario - Obviously, the groom not showing up. And his mother smirking at me from the front row while the mOH breaks the news to me.

Jess said...

Worst case scenario? My sister freaks out over my fiance's existence and storms out with my mother in tow - after they've gotten into a fight with my future mother in law.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh wow, so many things would be awful. Someone said no groom and that would be BAD...i heard rain is good luck for the marriage actually, but it would be a tad annoying...

How About:

-family gets delayed in other states
-dress gets ruined
-cake falls apart or isn't finished
-ring is lost or lost in a drain

I could go on, but that sounds awful enough doesn't it???

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Kristi said...

My worst case scenario is a nightmare I've been having after going to a wedding where the brides dress got a stain on it when the flower girl had an accident while sitting on her lap during pictures.

My worst case scenario (and current nightmare) is that the flower girls get dressed early, have to use the restroom are unsupervised and get feces all over their dresses which no one notices and then come in and sit on my lap/dress smearing the feces all over my dress with only minutes left before the wedding.

atout said...

Rain...Like most outdoor brides. But seriously, if that's the worst that happens we will be pretty happy!

Couture Bowl said...

worst case scenario is tripping down the stairs leading to the aisle and taking my dad down with me!

Unique Wedding Invitations said...

I think the worst case scenario is a combination of all these listed above lol