The Ties That Bind You: Alexis MabilleThe Ties That Bind You: Alexis Mabille

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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ties That Bind You: Alexis Mabille

What great taste you have Alexis Mabille? It is no wonder since the Frenchman worked in the ateliers Ungaro, Ricci and the house of Dior with Galliano and Slimane. I love a well-dressed man. There is just something special about a man in a black tuxedo with an amazing tie around his neck. So if your groom is looking for something different, here is his answer. Alexis Mabille has created ties that you would want to wear! But don't you dare. Let your man have some of the spotlight. The python skin bow tie (the first one), is to die for. See these are his other wares here.


Simple Wedding Planning said...

I love the scarlet one!