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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let Them Do It: Red Stamp

Okay. I know this may sound cheesy but if you have atrocious handwriting and your hubby's is worse, here's an alternative. I saw this in the Daily Candy today. It is RedStamp.com. Here's what they will do:

Wedding Thank You's
Attention all Brides and Grooms ::

Don't let your first fight be about thank you notes! Please, for the sake of your marriage, let us write them for you. Send us your list with names, addresses, corresponding gifts and a short phrase on how you plan to use it and we'll do the rest so you can live happily ever after...

* Handwritten notes in either feminine or masculine penmanship
* Hand-addressed envelopes, absolutely no labels
* $5 service fee per card {not including price of card}
* No minimum or maximum quantity required
* Custom personalized stationery available
* Two to three week turnaround time

If it sounds good to you, check out RedStamp.com


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing about our thank you note service. Seriously, this would have saved my husband and me from our first married fight has this been around when we tied the knot! We're so appreciative of you spreading the word. So much fun to discover your blog - I love your style!