When You Need Fancy Shoes: Pedro GarciaWhen You Need Fancy Shoes: Pedro Garcia

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Monday, September 08, 2008

When You Need Fancy Shoes: Pedro Garcia

When you are looking everywhere for something different for your maids' black dresses, look here. Spanish shoe designer, Pedro Garcia has created the most amazing shoes to complement any black dress. The sequin shoe, Birdie is my favorite. See his entire collection here.


Madelyn @ Southern Weddings said...

My mouth is watering! These shoes are gorgeous! That first pair is my favorite! Beautiful! What a great post!

the bridal wishlist said...

i know, right!!! thanks, madelyn.

cem said...

I Love the Birdie style and have seen them in white called 'Betty' in a magazine. However I cannot find them anywhere online to buy or in any stores.
www. pedrogarcia.com doesn't show them either. Can anyone help?

the bridal wishlist said...

hi cem, sorry that you are having a hard time. this post was for his fall/winter 08 shoe line and may be hard to find now. i would first contact his store. if they can't help, there is a comparable pair called melany and can be found here:

good luck to you! let me know how it turns out.