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Friday, June 13, 2008

It's A Euro Thing

This is a non-wedding post. So forgive me. I am a ridiculous sports fan and am obsessed with Euro 2008. The Euro competition is the football (soccer) tournament that happens every four years alternating with the World Cup but it only includes teams in Europe. My heart is with Germany because I am a big Bundesliga fan (only because England did not qualify). But they lost yesterday to Croatia (broke my heart). So we will see. I am happy to see ESPN covering the games. So that is where I will be this weekend. Glued to my TV.

I am also trying to recover from the Lakers total breakdown last night!!!

Will have a book review to post on Monday. So check back for that. Have a great weekend.


Annalenchen said...

Well, we are optimistic that Germany will win against austria on monday :)

bridalwishlist said...

Yes, we are!!!!