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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Best Wedding Jewelry

The final day is here. We will be back to regular posts next week. For the DC/MD/VA brides, I will also be offering a contest to win a pair of tickets to the January 20th Washington Bridal Show at the Bethesda Marriott.

I had a few jewelry designers that stood out for me in 2007. Here are my favorite must see places for beautiful and unique wedding jewelry:

My Personal Favorite Jewelry Designer (she designed all of the jewelry for my wedding and she is a great person/great to work with): Meg Lammers for MEG Wedding Jewelry. Meg was so great to work with and she took my vision and ran with it. I had jewelry made espeically for my bridemaids/maid of honor and they just loved it. I will posted about her spring line when it becomes available. Here are some of my favorites:

The Best and Most Creative Jewelry Designs: Jaime Pickering for Bella Bijou.

Jaime's jewelry will not only add a special touch to your dress, but it will surely give your girls something to talk about. Her handmade designs are elegant and unique. Here are my favorites from her collection:

The Best Traditional Wedding Jewelry with a Modern Twist: Courtney Husak for Husak Design.
I love Courtney's designs. Her designs are traditional in style but with a fabulous modern twist. Perfect for the strapless dress. Here are my favorites:



The Best Vintage Jewelry with a Modern Twist and Top Indie Jewelry Designer: Karen Sugarman.
She has so perfectly married vintage and modern in a jaw-dropping way. She also used some amazing colored gems that give it the perfect unique one-of-a-kind feel. Here are my favorites:

The Best Vintage Wedding Jewelry: Age Before Beauty.

These are some amazing vintage pieces that are to die for. Here are my favorites:

The Best Vintage Wedding Earrings with a Modern Twist: Paris by Debra Moreland (visit Perfect Details).
If you are looking for earrings with the vintage look, Paris by Debra Moreland is your answer. Here are my favorites: