For The Expectant Bride: Fit2BMOMFor The Expectant Bride: Fit2BMOM

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For The Expectant Bride: Fit2BMOM

Fit2BMOM maternity activewear is a brand new brand that specializes in workout clothing for expectant mommies. They have a wonderful workout combination called the 2BActive kit. The kit includes a stylish headband with a special fabric to keep sweat in check. You also get a lovely tank top and long pants, all in a too fab brown bag. So if you are expecting and looking for the perfect workout gear, check out Fit2BMOM. If you gotta have it, enjoy a complimentary “Get Fit Kit” containing a FIT2BMOM drawstring gym bag and moisture-wicking headband for all Bridal Wishlist Readers who place an order between 3/19/09 and 4/15/09. Enter promo code CAP09.