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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Brides are continually on the search to find unique ways to make their special day that much more memorable. Usually brides look to their feet and their wedding shoes to add a pop of color. The styles in the I Do Collection by UGG Australia provide a variety of unique ways to make a wedding day, or a wedding celebration unique – whether she wears UGG walking down the aisle or gifts her wedding party.

 Unbeknownst to us, brides have been incorporating UGG footwear in their wedding for some time now, special ordering footwear in wedding color ways for the entire bridal party. So UGG decided to bling out their popular footwear just for brides.

The new styles include:

· The sparkly sequins of the Classic Sparkles – I Do glimmer in white and pink
· The jeweled Bailey Button – I Do has a genuine Swarovski crystal button
· The ultra-indulgent shearling covered Fluff flip-flop – I do charms in white or baby blue

The shearling fluff flip-flop is our fav. Preview and preorder from the collection here: UGG Australia

Monday, May 21, 2012


It's that time for Spring sales! Lingerie brand Lola Haze is currently running a sale of 15% off sitewide ( now through June 30th, using discount code LolaSpringBride.

From Left:

  • Electric Zip Slip: Was $169.00, now $143.65
  • Cancan Chemise: Was $189.00, now $160.65
  • Signature Whisper Slip: Was now $79.00, now $67.15
  • Shimmer Teddy: Was $139.00, now $118.15
  • Feather Romper: Was $169.00, now $143.65
  • Embrace Teddy: Was $89.00, now $75.65

About Lola Haze™ What happens when a Harvard Grad with a pension for Nabakov's Lolita turns lingerie designer? She creates Lola Haze, a whimsical fashion adventure into a world of eclectic glamour, coquettish juxtapositions and global whimsy. The fanciful-yet-seductive contemporary line is marked by designer Laura Mehlinger's signature mixing of fabrics and innovative color combinations – chiffon panels draped over stretch lace, tiered panels of silk charmeuse layered over metallic mesh, mixing in delightful charms & adornments, and unexpected placement of fine lace appliqués and bold cut-outs.

Named after the famous temptress Dolores "Lolita" Haze in Nabokov's Lolita, Harvard grad-turned designer Laura Mehlinger created Lola Haze TM as a lingerie/loungewear/outerwear fusion for the playful, confident woman with a bold, whimsical fashion sense. Produced with love in New York City, Lola Haze™ playwear is for women who like to play in and out of the bedroom. She is a seductress, dresses for herself, and has a bold, whimsical fashion sensibility. Not just for the boudoir, she takes Lola out on the town as a layering piece or stand-alone fashion statement paired with a wow necklace and killer heels. Lola Haze™ takes inspiration from New York City and Prince to art deco architecture and influences across the globe, all of which are infused into the line’s intricate detailing and innovative color and fabric combinations.

Simply put? Every woman with eclectic taste and a love of bold glamour is a Lola girl. Lola Haze TM pieces retail from $29.00 - $194.00 at boutiques nationwide and on the newly launched e-commerce.

Twitter: @LolaHazeNYC (!/lolahazenyc Facebook:


The Flashdance and Bash, Please are producing the YEAH! 2012 WEDDING GIVEAWAY on August 19, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS Sign up here, take your time (you DON'T have to do this today, you have until June 9th to enter), be clever, be creative, link to your website / facebook / instagram / twitter / vimeo, make something rad, tell jokes, give us a feeling for who you are, tell us all about how you guys met, what you like to do, what inspires you etc. Once you are signed up you will be in the running. The board will choose 20 couples and the public will vote for a winner (the public will be voting on you based on the information you provide so make it awesome!).

If you are one of the 20 couples chosen by the board, your profile will be put on our blog and the public & the board will vote to determine the winner. You can campaign (like a city councilman), you can get your friends and family involved, make your cat vote, get one of those weird Sarah Palin America buses & maybe you'll WIN A FREE WEDDING

Or you can forward it to a friend!

To learn more about who else is involved and sign up to win, visit our website.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If you are going to wear flats at your wedding, these should be the ones that you wear. Love the Liana in Tiffany blue by Aruna Seth. Perfect amount of bling and the color is divine. Must have wedding shoes.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Normally, I am not a big fan of wedges as wedding shoes. But I have to admit that I love this Valencia wedge by Lulu Townsend. It is just so chic and the flower on top is so whimsical. Just love it. Available in quite a few different colors at DSW.