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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hits and Misses: Martin Perez Ripoll

I am pretty quick to come to a decision about something. It either moves me or it doesn't. I am not someone who waffles over things. I am pretty precise. So when I saw the '09 collection from Martin Perez Ripoll, I had mixed feelings. For me, there were hits and misses. That is rarely the case. Usually a designer totally misses the point or hits it right on target. You be the judge. Here are my 2 cents.



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Are So Worth It: Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Have you heard about this yet? Neiman Marcus is selling a wedding package that is worth $1,300,000.00.

Read all about it here.

Oh Christian! It's Just for Me

Sorry to make this about me... but seriously... my birthday is coming up in December... wouldn't these make the perfect gift? (sigh) Christian Louboutin @ Barney's New York

When In Georgetown: Hu's Shoes

Whenever I am in Georgetown, I can not help but to hover around Hu's Shoes on M. Street. The window display is intoxicating. I love this gorgeous necklace by Natalia Brilli. It would look amazing with a strapless dress. See this and more, including shoes here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mucho Amor Por El Estilo de Espana: Jorge Terra

There is something about bridal gowns that have a Spanish flair. Even though designer, Jorge Terra is Brazilian, his wedding gowns say "Espana" totally. I love the last dress with the gorgeous subtle design. Very different from what you will see in the States. These are my favorites. See his entire collection here.

Say I Do: Sarah Perlis Jewelry

How precious is this? This adorable necklace is by designer Sarah Perlis. Sarah has recently expanded her wedding line to designing wedding rings. She specializes in custom wedding sets. She has the husband/wife-to-be come into her studio, and go through the entire design process with her. Whether it is the type of stone the ring is set with or the amount of detail that goes into each piece, it is entirely up to the couple! Not only does this create a unique experience for the couple, but it allows them to have rings that are truly personal and one-of-a-kind. Here are some of her recent designs. Contact her at

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Men All Paused: Isabel Zapardiez Bridal

Happy Friday!

I was like Whoa. You guys know that I love finding beautiful dresses. I search high and low to bring you dresses from all over everywhere. I am like a little kid when I find a designer who has made the most perfect and amazing line of wedding dresses. My latest find is Spanish designer, Isabel Zapardiez (I love the name Isabel. If I had a daughter that would have been her name). Her dresses are clock-stopping and breathtakingly beautiful. The third one down is my favorite. See her entire collection here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where I Want To Be: The Point, Saranac NY had a featured post today about the hotels with the best views. One of the hotels was the lush resort, The Point in Saranac, NY. What an amazing place to have a wedding or visit on your honeymoon. Is this an amazing view or what? It's called a resort for a reason. It costs a fortune. But this view may be worth it all. Get more info here.

Now You Know That I Love's one more reason why I love 'em.

Bluefly is today launching WEDDING 2.0, a full-service shop for the modern wedding where bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests – even the couple on the fly – can take care of all their nuptial needs with just a click of their mouse.

How this differs from traditional wedding sites is that it is incredibly navigable and intuitive - the site is split two ways: "I'm In It" or "I'm Invited" to reflect the very different needs of the wedding party and attendees. The "I'm In It" section is further split into subcategories for color, formal and semi-formal and the "I'm Invited" section contains a tightly edited collection of gifts and designer looks, again organized by the type of wedding – formal, semi-formal, civil ceremony, or destination.

...With this click, I thee wear! Check it out at Bluefly Wedding 2.0.

SALE: Tigerlilly Jewelry

There's a big sale going on over at Tigerlilly Jewelry. Here are the highlights:

~ Hundreds of samples - brand new made for this market

~ All samples are 50% off

~ Many samples available to list all of them, so interested brides should email to see if the sample of your favorite design(s) is available. If so, they'll email you back to tell you. how to order, and hold the piece(s) for 8 hours. So get to shopping!!!

I have a huge fan of their headbands. Here are my favorites from my favorite collections:

Snow Queen (my absolute favorite)

Vintage Glam

Woodland Nymph Collection

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With This Ring: Zahour

If you are looking for a wedding ring that is totally different from traditional bands, you should find what you are looking for at Zahour. These rings are very unique and will definitely make that statement that you and your sweetie march to the beat of a different drummer. See the entire collection here. These are my favorites:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A French Beauty: Paule Ka

This very girly dress is from the Paule Ka label. The label is the brainchild of Brazilian designer, Serge Cajfinger. I absolutely adore it. See his entire collection here.

When Modern Looks Vintage: Maddalena Marconi

I love the vintage twist on these thoroughly modern evening bags by Maddalena Marconi. Get yours here.